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For your information, provided below is a listing of the MAUSBCWBA Local Associations for the 2014-2015 bowling season. 


Association Position Name
Berkshire County USBC WBA President Donna Goodell
  Manager Tina Lapine
*Cape Cod Ten Pin USBC Assoc. President Lawrence Williams
  Manager Bonnie Eaton
Foxvale USBC WBA President Alyssa Soderquist
  Manager Lorraine Smith
Greater Boston USBC Assoc. President John VanBuskirk
  Manager Julia Middlebrook
Greater Garnder USBC Assoc. President Charles LeBlanc
  Manager Tommy Pelham
  MWBA Contact Brenda Hennemann
Merrimack Valley USBC WBA President Theresa Roberge
  Manager Jan Therrien
  Asst Manager Pat Riley
Southern Berkshirt USBC Associ. President Juanita O'Rourke
  Manager Tricia Storti
  Asst Manager Shelia Hankey
Southeastern Mass USBC Assoc. President Vicki Prevost
  Acting Manager O. J. Leite
Tri-City USBC WBA President Rosemarie Hamilton
  Manager Kris Voss
*Worcester County USBC Assoc. President Henry Verdini
  Manager Barbara Verdini
MA USBC Youth President Peter Marchetti
  Manager Lauren Eramo

*Updated report not received.

The foregoing is provided as information only.  The MAUSBCWBA does not accept any responsibility for any issues, claims or damages arising out of your use of the above information. 


109 Stockbridge,
Great Barrington, MA 01230

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