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In Memoriam


Every year at the Annual Meeting, a memorial service is conducted in honor of those deceased members of the MAUSBCWBA.  At the April 2015 Annual Meeting, the following members were remembered:

Berkshire County:  Lucille Braman, Lisa Morandi

Foxvale:  Claudette Antonitis, Susanne May Hull, Elizabeth Ann Mailhot, Joan Schmidt

Greater Boston: **Nancy Roth, Miho McGuire

Greater Springfield:  Carol Borowiec, Dawn Cortis, Ethel Griffin, Sharon Gowash, Betty Lemis, Doris Meadows, Johanna Moquin, Pearl Nuger, Dorothy Pieciak, Frances Pluta, Jeanette Regan, Pauline Richmond, Sandra Walker, Cathering Walter

Merrimack Valley:  Arlene Casale, Marilyn Chase, **Barbara Estes, Priscilla Henshaw, Elizabeth "Betty" Jusczak, Deborah "Debbie" King, Joanne Rea

Southeastern MA:  Pearl Avylla, Anna Cabral, **Dolly MacMillen, Nancy Rebello, Pauline Venancio

Southern Berkshire:  Patricia Amstead, Beatrice Groggi, Jeanne Palifini

MAUSBCWBA State Board:  Barbara Estes, Nancy Roth, Dolly MacMillen

**  Also served on Local Association Board of Directors